Danish Maqbool is a comedian.

At 16, he traveled the U.S. while professionally commentating on and playing video games.

At 24, he stopped soon after he started taking comedy (the act of not taking things seriously) seriously.

At 28, Danish will be embarking on his first college comedy tour.

Danish has been featured in Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, Red Bull and various other publications/media outlets.

He started doing stand up in the New York/ New Jersey area in 2014.

Danish has been on MY9, NJ101.5, and has featured at the Stress Factory.


"I saw you on NJ 101.5 man. I called the station right after and asked, 'How'd this dude get on? He ain't shit. I'm way funnier than this dude. I blow his shit out the water."

- Marklyn Scotch-Plains AKA Misterdirect Jusreal AKA Mark T. Johnson AKA Marklyn Tyrone Johnson AKA Angela Merkelyn Johnson

On Danish Maqbool. Unprompted.




Photo by Nichole Renee